Illegal immigration

I am extremely concerned about illegal immigration. The thousands of immigrants that pour into our country illegally each year drain precious resources from both federal and state government. Further, illegal immigration is tremendously unfair to those who have gone through the rewarding process of obtaining legal United States citizenship. Rest assured that I will remain committed to opposing all forms of amnesty for those who have broken our laws and entered our country illegally.

I regularly support and cosponsor legislation designed to curb illegal immigration. For example, I have co-sponsored a number of bills to assist in the enforcement of United States Immigration law, including: H.R. 100, Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act or the CLEAR Act; H.R. 140, the Birthright Citizenship Act; H.R. 152, the National Guard Border Enforcement Act; H.R. 692, the Nuclear Family Priority Act; H.R. 2164, the Legal Workforce Act; and H.R. 2497, Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act or the HALT Act.

I also believe that it is essential for those who have legally come to the United States to be able to speak the English language. By establishing English as the official language, immigrants will be better equipped to achieve success in their new home, and the bond between immigrants and those already living in the United States will grow stronger. That is why I have long been a cosponsor of the English Language Unity Act, which will establish English as the official language of the United States.

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