I have supported over 22 bills that will create jobs, all of which have stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, I have highlighted and tried to alleviate the tremendous regulatory burdens imposed on job creators by the Obama Administration. Along these same lines, I have cosponsored several bills to stop federal agencies — including the Federal Communications Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, National Labor Relations Board, and Department of Labor — from imposing burdensome rules that deter investment and job growth.

I have consistently voted for pro-growth tax reform bills and streamlining requirements on small businesses. I supported repealing Obamacare and the $500 billion in new taxes it imposes on Americans. I voted for the Comprehensive 1099 Taxpayer Protection Act (HR 4) that eliminates the IRS Form 1099 reporting requirement for all businesses that spend more than $600 at one place of business. I supported repealing the 3% withholding requirement (HR 674) on all government contracts so that small businesses that receive government contracts receive the full amount of the contract. I voted for the Small Business Tax Cut (HR 9) that gives all small businesses a tax deduction against their income.

Simply, our fiscal tax policy should be used to promote growth and job creation, not punish businesses and entrepreneurs that create jobs and grow our economy.

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