Oelrich tries to Camouflage Violations of State and Federal Campaign Laws


Oops!! Oelrich again

Oelrich files false FEC charges to camouflage his own serious violation of federal and state campaign laws.


Oelrich’s campaign consultant hastily scrambled yesterday to deflect attention from Oelrich’s illegal activities by sending multiple false accusations to the FEC.  This came one day after the Stearns campaign notified the press that Oelrich has been misappropriating his state campaign funds support his congressional campaign with radio ads for 3 weeks.

Their desperate attempt to blunt a story about their illegal activities is based on meritless complaints.  Using 3 emails that the Stearns campaign sent out in February, 5 months ago, Oelrich tries to deceive voters by filing false FEC regulations.  FEC regulations state “electronic mail” stipulate that a disclaimer is required for “more that 500 substantially similar communications sent by a political committee”.  The emails in question did not require the disclaimer.

They filed a similar false complaint about the Stearns campaign website, using a screenshot of pages on the site last May. The incomplete screenshots used as documentation of these accusations cite an internal page not required to have the disclaimer.  The disclaimer appeared on the “homepage” for the campaign and this is sufficient.

The real story is that Oelrich has known for 3 weeks that his ads were illegal.  An attorney representing the Stearns campaign notified radio station WSKY that they were in violation of running Oelrich’s first ad, which had no disclaimer.  The station notified Oelrich, the ad was pulled and replaced with one containing a disclaimer.  The disclaimer showed the ad was paid for by Oelrich’s state senate campaign, another violation of federal law and also of Florida election law.  Oelrich tried to hide the fact his state funds paid for the first ad, and by adding the disclaimer to the second one, he admitted the first violation and dug himself in deeper by committing 2 more violations.

Stearns’ attorney has contacted both stations WSKY and WKTK, notifying them that the second Oelrich ad, containing his disclaimer, is also in violation of federal and state laws.

Here we have a former law enforcement official ignoring state and federal laws, which reflects his lack of integrity and credibility.

OOPS Oelrich…there he goes again!

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