Social Security

I am committed to ensuring that current beneficiaries and those nearing retirement face no reduction in benefits, while preserving this vital program for future generations. Social Security is our government’s most popular domestic program. For over seventy-five years, Social Security has provided retirement security for tens of millions of Americans. Four generations of Americans have relied on the government to keep the promise it made to them during their working years. It is important for all Americans to meet the challenge of Social Security solvency and longevity. Today, only three workers pay taxes to finance benefits for each retiree – compared to 16 workers for each retiree in 1950.

The Social Security Trustees Report shows that Social Security is on a path towards bankruptcy. The Social Security program must be modernized to meet the current challenges and future demands on the program. However, any reform to Social Security must protect the benefits of today’s seniors and near-seniors.

Any reform must be accompanied by deficit reduction, fiscal responsibility, and must not raise taxes. I have supported efforts to create a “lock box” mechanism to protect Social Security surpluses. This will stop the raid on Social Security and ensure that the Social Security surplus is spent on Social Security and not other programs.

I am leading the fight for lower spending and greater fiscal responsibility. I voted against many appropriations bills, when the bill is fiscally irresponsible. In addition, I support paying down our national debt. Less spending will decrease the raid on Social Security and give government the time to modernize Social Security so that it is available for today’s seniors and their children.

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